the past year has gone by far to fast, i feel there is no way that it is already 2010. but unfortunately time has passed and it has made me wonder where my year has gone, so heres a recap for all of you:
I finished my first complete at ldsbc. i made a great group of new life long friends. moved back to sunny california from snowy salt lake (good move). saw girltalk, ludacris, cold war kids, yeah yeah yeahs, sea wolf, regina spektor, no doubt, paramore, the sounds, & attended Hard Haunted. swapped my speedracer for a more practical snow friendly car. broke up with my bf. traveled to 10 different countries within a 6 week time period. started back up at ldsbc. moved from sunny california to snowy provo. made a couple more life long friends. hiked the boney caves. got two new nieces. kept in touch with old friends. cut bangs on a whim- twice.wrote missionaries religiously. talked to nick twice. mended friendships. discovered the beauty of gold. painted 8 pictures. my best friend of 20 years got married to her high school sweetheart. took over a thousand photographs. went camping.
just a highlight of the important bits.