Sunday Thoughts

there's nothing better than being with friends i haven't seen for a while. makes me feel right at home again. if you wake up before 1 pm you accomplish more and don't feel so useless (i know from experience). new music always brings new inspiration, & old music brings back old memories worth reliving. attending church has the power to make a person terribly happy. when in doubt write it down. clean room=clear mind. doing homework ahead of time erases elements of stress. sunshine makes me happy, but dressing for the cold is more fun. comfort is key to life. reading opens doors in the imagination. planning future adventures (sometimes even a year in advance) makes me feel free. sunsets put me in awe & reminds me how beautiful nature is. defeating a new level at the quarry makes me proud. writing letters makes me happy but receiving them makes me smile. learning useless facts makes gets me excited. waiting to go home makes me anxious. using tea cups make me feel classy. i have to move my body (even in the slightest) when i hear music. movies let my mind wander over what can happen in life, creating new dreams. day dreaming of what i'm going to do in the future is my favorite pass time. laying on my bed looking at my polaroid wall lets me remember the good old days. i've tried imagining my life without as much color but it always seems to sneak in, i can't escape it & i like it that way. i find extreme pleasure in documenting anything in my life via camera, video, drawing, writing, blogging. if i could be a professional documenter i would be highly successful, just a personal opinion. i have realized i am a constantly changing and (hopefully) growing person. i believe i am growing in the worst way, height. deciding where to go next fall and what school to attend and who to live with has been constantly on my mind lately and makes me nervous, but i've come to terms with the thought that whatever is suppose to happen will. that calms me in all aspects of life. puts me back in my carefree mindset, which is where i would much rather be. peanut butter m&m's make me feel sick, but i continue to eat them none the less. though happy and content, i'm constantly planning & plotting what to do and where to go next, gives me something to look forward to.


  1. i love it to hear your inner thoughts...

  2. thanks guys. just the random string of thoughts thats constantly running through my mind put in web form.