girls girls girls

sometimes what you need is some good old fashioned girl time. i spend a lot of my time... or most of it.. surrounded by boys. i seem to be friends with more boys than i am girls, and i am always doing some sort of activity with them.. snowboarding, rock climbing, skateboard riding, whatever it may be. i've always gotten the invite to tag along and be one of the boys, and i love it. boys have a lot of fun, girls do too, but it's a different kind. but every once in a while i need my girl time and this weekend was full of it. friends chelsey and lindsey came up to visit for the weekend and it was a blast. we spent the weekend with all of our friends playing games, having dinner or breakfasts together, lounging around taking naps, and playing a lot of truth or truth. we did nothing fancy, but it was really fun just getting to all be together. and after being with everyone, we got to go home and have girl time just me, laurel, chels, linds, and courtney. it was great. we did all the girl things that are necessary: shopping, girl talk, painting our nails, girl talk, watching mean girls, and more girl talk. i loved it, and it has made me just that much more excited to go home for the summer so we can have this be a reoccurring event. i love my boys, but i need the girls in my life, i wish the rest of my favorite ladies could have been there with us to make just that much better.

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