this past weekend i went up to cambria for kristens bachelorette party. it was a lot of fun. we headed up friday afternoon, stopped by santa barbara for a late lunch then continued on towards cambria. we were able to stay at kristana's moms house (kristens maid of honor), it was such a cute little place we all fell in love with it. before arriving we stocked up on loads of sparkling cider type drinks so we can mix and match different flavors for a mellow, girly night in that we had friday night. saturday we drove up to the coast to big sur & then onward to carmel where we had a spa day. the drive was unreal, i loved every second of it. after the spa day we went back down to cambria where we went out to dinner & heard live music played at a local hotel. this morning we woke up, cleaned up & went into town for breakfast and a bit of shopping. all in all it was a really fun weekend. i loved going up there & seeing all the places i always hear about. can't wait to go again.
the house we stayed in
kris with all the sparkly drinks

view from our drive

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