my senior thesis

remember that one time that i mentioned my senior thesis? well, it was on the importance of teaching art history to children with a focus on surrealism. i had to write the longest paper of my life & create a book based on surrealism for children. the book isn't really just for kids, but i chose to focus on a younger age group cause it seemed more fun in the moment of writing my thesis proposal. 
for the project i researched the surreal movement, how surrealism is linked to psychoanalysis, psychoanalysis in children, & why art history should be taught starting at a younger age. i covered all of that info in my paper. then i got to do the fun stuff.
i chose which artists i wanted to focus on, chose which artworks to include in the book, formatted & designed the layout, & then i got it printed. i'm still waiting it's arrival, but it's a little, hardcover coffee-table book. 
it was surprisingly harder than i had imagined it would be. there were so many artists & artworks i wanted to include, but i had to keep it down to a small number of pages, since it is technically for children. it was also difficult because a lot of surreal art that i love isn't quite appropriate for some kids.. so i had to be pretty careful in choosing the images. but overall, i'm really happy with how it turned out.