A couple of weeks before milo was born my sister mentioned possibly going to China to visit her boyfriend who is over there for a few months working at Shanghai Disney & that she wanted my mom & I to go with her. I wasn't sure that I would actually be able to go on the trip because I had a newborn baby, but then I decided when someone invites you to china, you don't say no, so when my mom asked if I wanted to go with her i had to say yes! Leading up to the trip, even the day that we left, I was pretty back & forth whether I should actually go. I mean, I was taking a two month old to china, which I'm sure a lot of people thought I was crazy to do, & I had to leave behind Austin & Cedar for two weeks which is the longest I've ever been gone from Cedar, so I was pretty torn up about it but I am so, so happy that I went. China is unlike anywhere I have ever traveled before & really opened my eyes to an incredible culture.

Hong Kong is a totally westernized part of China, so it wasn't as shocking as the other cities, but it was really, really cool. Like, cool enough that it made me second guess my telling Austin we shouldn't move there (sorry Austin!). We we're only there for a day & a half, but I feel like we got a good introduction to the city. We took a big red bus tour (my favorite thing to do in any new city) & saw all the big sites & got off at a few different spots. Hong Kong is made up of islands & was totally different from any other big cities I've been to because it was so lush & green with huge skyscrapers in-between all the lushness. It was a really cool mixture to see in person, I loved it. It was also incredibly humid, which I did not love, haha. You could totally picture it as the place that king kong came from though. It also reminded me a bit of San Francisco because there were SO many hills & they were SO steep. Idf you lived there you would have legs of steel. We went to the top of one of the mountains where there is an amazing lookout point showing a view of the entire city, it was so cool to see all of it at once. The view was insane with all of the skyscrapers, sadly it was sort of foggy when we were there, but we could still see quite a bit. We ate dinner there too which was perfect because they put on a light show on the buildings at night & we had a perfect view of it.

Hong Kong is definitely a place I could spend more time in & hope that I get to sooner than later!

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  1. Looks like so much fun!!! Hong Kong looks beautiful! I love the little pockets of greenery! :)