Have you ever heard of Totesavvy? They are amazing. They are purse insert organizers to help keep all of your items organized & keep your bags organized. I have two, a mini that I use for my diaper bag & purses & then a large one for bigger bags & I love both of them so much. I have a lot of different bags & purses & am constantly switching them out, but with all the stuff that goes in my purse for my kids & myself, it is sort of a pain to switch between bags but the Totesavvy makes it so easy. Plus, I never have to dig around in my bag anymore because the pockets make it so easy to be organized. I could go on forever about these things.
I have found the large one to be soooo great for beach/pool days & the park when I normally have a larger bag carrying toys with me. They make it so easy with all of the pockets, I can store all of our snacks, water, diapers, sunscreen & whatever my kids may need. One thing I really like to do with my large Totesavvy is to just put it in the basket of my stroller already packed with diapers, wipes, snacks & what not. It makes it so easy & makes it so I don't have to haul around my big diaper bag if I don't want to. Definitely check them out.
I took my Totesavvy today with me in my beach bag & it was perfect. The kids could easily find any snacks, I knew where the sunscreen was & where my keys were without having to dig through my bag. Win, win.

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