over the weekend: a birthday celebration

this weekend we celebrated johnny's first birthday.
i can't believe my childhood bff, ashley, has a 1 year old & i'm going to
have a baby! it's so crazy. i remember talking about when we would have kids together
& now we actually are going to! 
i also really can't believe her & jakes little boy is o.n.e! 
i still remember the day he was born, even though i couldn't be there i remember 
where i was when i heard he had been born
& seeing my first picture of him!
he was adorable then & is even more adorable now,
he's seriously the cutest little boy.
ashley & jake threw him a birthday bbq with all of our friends
where we had great food, delicious cake & watched as 
johnny destroyed his first birthday cake & got it all over himself! 
happy birthday johnny! 


  1. Aww I love this! Thank you for coming. I can't wait for our boys to best buddies!

  2. There is nothing better than pictures of a baby covered in cake, I'm convinced!