a little something for my dad

today is my dads 57 birthday & 
yesterday marked 14 years since he died.
i only had a short amount of time with my dad.
he was diagnosed with cancer when i was 3 years old & died 6 years later.
but i learned a lot from him. he taught me to work hard for what i want,
to work hard to succeed, not to be judgmental & to find humor in all situations.
i learned the importance of keeping your word, to stand up for who you are.
it's really crazy to think that he's been gone for so long.
i feel like it was just yesterday that he was here,
but at the same time it feels like he's always been gone.
i always think about it when the big things in my life come & go.
it's weird to think cedar won't meet him & that my husband won't either.
or that he wasn't at my wedding. that sort of thing.
i hope that i've grown to be someone he would be proud of.
i'm lucky to have so many memories of my dad.
the best memories i have is how much fun i always had when i was with him.
how i couldn't wait for him to come home from work, 
so i would call his office asking when he would be home, 
just about everyday. 
how much love and comfort i felt when i was with him.
he made me feel like i was his favorite person
in the world to be with (which i'm sure i was).
& the entire family talking & laughing in the living room together.
happy birthday dad!

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