in 2007 i chopped off my hair. i cut it the shortest i have ever had it. right above my shoulders with an ever so slight a line. i absolutely hated it. the first day was amazing, it looked great, it was light weight & i was under the impression that i wouldn't have to do anything to it & it would always look great. then i washed it for the first time & soon realized it was going to be a lot of work. i had to straighten or curl it every day. my go-to air dry look no longer looked good but horrible. i didn't get it. how could having such short hair be so difficult? i never understood it, but it continued to be difficult. 
after that hair cut, i quickly decided to grow my hair back out as long as i could & as fast as i could.
luckily for me, my hair grows like a weed &was soon at a more manageable length. after my experience of short hair i promised myself i would never do it again.

fast forward to 2013 & i have the strongest desire to chop it all, once again. not as short as i did before. but probably a good 6 inches would be gone. anyone that knew me in 2007 tells me not to do it, that i'll regret it & hate it just as i did before. but i continue to want this change. i figure, how bad could it be? it will just grow back, right? plus, i've got this adorable little baby who likes to yank on my tresses like there is no tomorrow & is constantly getting them wrapped around his tiny fingers (i understand the "mom" cut now). & you know how you hear of hair falling out after you have a baby? well it's true. granted i don't have bald spots anywhere, thank goodness, but i have a lot more hair coming out than i ever did before. & i am always finding long blonde hairs all over the place. no matter how much i vacuum or sweep, they are there. always. & maybe shorter blond hairs won't be so bad to find around the house? 

it's been a struggle for me to commit to letting my hair be, or  cutting it. why it's such a big deal to me, i'm not sure. but i like to think most girls are as protective of their hair as i am. i can't decide what to do. the husband says not to, but i keep thinking it needs to happen. so i'll have to wait & see if i reach a breaking point. i think Chanel said it best: "a women who cuts her hair is about to change her life." 


  1. i say do whatever you want, because even if you chopped it off and never did anything to it i bet you would still look stunning.

  2. I am having the same debate with myself! If my hair isn't in a bun Camryn finds a way to get a hold of it!

  3. My hair stylist (who also happens to be my best friend) won't let me cut or do anything drastic to my hair unless I am CONVINCED that it is exactly what I want. I think it's a good rule to live by. There have been too many times I've changed my hair on a whim--only to seriously regret it later. So I agree with Lydia. If you decide to, you will most certainly look stunning--but make sure it's what you really want :)

    Also, on a side note, I love your blog! I'm now following you :)



  4. these photos are incredible! the decision to cut your hair or not is always a difficult one! it's why my hair will never be long....as much as i want it to be, the urge to cut it is always too strong.

  5. i dont think my other comment posted, but no, do not. i have hair envy, because yours is absolutely amazing!

    1. seriously, it's comments like this that make me not want to cut it. I'M SO INDECISIVE

  6. Love these pictures love your hair love the quote about hair..so true!

  7. Hair envy! And I am right there with you, I'm always so indecisive when it comes to my hair length. Cut it or not, gah!
    xo TJ