& we're moving, again.

we are moving to spainit has taken a while to set in. i'm not sure i've come to the full realization of it yet, but we're going! let me answer a few questions i've gotten since we found out.

do you speak spanish? 
>>> yes! well, austin does. he served a spanish speaking lds mission, so he's covered. i on the other hand.. am assuming/hoping i'll just pick it up like i did that one time i was in peru.. haha but for reals. i know enough to ask where something is & how much something is, what my name is, etc. i'm trying to learn. 

>>> austin was asked to apply to a grad school program there, so he did & he got in! we feel that it's too good of an opportunity to pass up, & that in the long run we would regret not going, so we're going! 

where in spain?
>>> madrid! the capitol & the heart of the country. 

when & for how long? 
>>> his program starts in the end of november, so we'll move in the beginning of november. & the program is 13 months long. 

why this school? 
>>> austin applied to three schools: loyola marymount, pepperdine, & i.e. (the school in spain). he was lucky enough to have been accepted to all the programs he applied for, but like i said before, we feel that it's too good of an opportunity to go to i.e. not only because it is in spain, but because it's a top-rated program & a really good school for what he wants to go into. 

what am i going to do? 
>>> cedar & i are going to get a lot of quality time with the city. we'll explore what there is to offer, go to all the amazing museums, hangout in parks, try to learn spanish, work really hard on making friends & take a bit of a break from real life. i'm convinced it won't feel like real life there because a. i will be in a foreign country, & b. it will be the first year i will not be in school. 

how are you moving out of the country with a baby? 
>>> well, we just are. we're getting him his passport & i figure it's no different than moving states, right?right. 

where will you live? how will you find somewhere to live? 
>>> the school offers different websites & people to help find housing, & since austin speaks spanish, he can read what all of the adds say. we've found some really cool furnished apartments that are near his school, so once we are closer to the time of going, we'll get brave & rent one for the following year.

what about all of your stuff? 
>>> well, we're going to be leaving our furniture/kitchen supplies for when we come back & i'm going to try really hard to pick the essential items... buuuut i'm leaving that to when the time comes. i have no further thought.

so, that's that! we're moving to madrid in november. we are both so excited. it's going to be a crazy experience to live out of the country. it's always been my dream to live in europe so it's pretty surreal that it's actually happening. i can't wait for it but at the same time, i'm ok soaking everything in here while it lasts. it'll be a completely new experience being somewhere that we both don't know anyone, not being close to family or a short flight away from family. there's a lot to think about with moving abroad, but i'm excited for the experience. it seems like it is far away, roughly 8 months before we move, but i think it's going to come faster than we expect. 


  1. heck yes! i AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU GUYS. hell yeah wooohoo. go austin!!! i cant wait to visit.

    1. ahh thank you! i'm SO excited. you better visit

  2. I lived in Madrid with my husband while he did a required study abroad. We LOVED IT. He spoke Spanish already, but I didn't. I immersed myself in the culture and learned functional Spanish the six months we were there. We served - as volunteers - at the temple, and learned so much. We still have friends and contacts there. If you want any help or any advice (from one member to another even though you don't know me, contact me. I'd like to help.as much as possible. I linked through from Jocelyn Coffman's fb. Friend me on Fb - Jillayne Tompkins. If not, have so much fun! It's awesome!

  3. whaaat that will be amazing!!! that's also what nicolaus and i wanna do so maybe we'll meet you there? haha

  4. A) I am super jealous. We spent a week in Madrid with our two kids last September, and it was AWESOME.
    B) You and your little guy will have SO much fun there, and the parks are seriously AMAZING. The parks in Madrid will blow you away!! Go check out my blog to see some of the stuff we did & saw in Madrid.


    C) just so you know, I linked here from Austin's FB. We live in his mission :)

  5. yayayayayayayyaya that is amazing! you guys are just going to have the adventure of a lifetime. i'm so excited to read all about it here on your blog. good luck with getting everything ready - you'll do great.

  6. Stop it! This is amazing!!! Soooooo excited for you guys! And so jealous - maybe we will need to come visit! :) What an amazing opportunity! We need to plan lots of cousin nights before you go!

  7. wow!! 1 year in Madrid? so jealous!! it must be so beautiful. I bet that when the year will pass, you won't want to leave. :d

    imeowlife. ,Dixx

  8. This sounds SO amazing! The best of luck in moving! :)

  9. Aw, I can't believe you are moving to Spain! You will have SO much fun! Can't wait to see pictures from all of your adventures!!!
    xo TJ


  10. SHUT UP!!! That's freaking ridiculously AMAZING. I am so excited for you guys!! Spain is my dream spot to visit. I love the architecture. It's so incredible! Can't wait to experience it vicariously through you in this blog. Yessss.

  11. THIS IS SO EXCITING!! what an adventure!

  12. thank you for commenting! we'll definitely contact you when we're looking for housing & such for some advice :)

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