^^took this exact same photo two years ago on our last visit to paris, so we had to get another one
we only spent a day & a half in paris while we were in france (apparently pitstops in paris are a thing we like to do) & while that's hardly enough time, we used our time up the best we could! our hotel was a a couple blocks away from the arc de triomphe which is a kind of perfect spot. the arc de triomphe is on champs elysées, a straight shot to the lourvre museum, & just a couple blocks over the river from the eiffel tower, so it made our visit pretty easy. i always think paris is a surreal place to visit i think. every time i'm there i fall deeper & deeper in love with it, there is something about paris that just really draws me in. 

our stop in paris was pretty easy & really relaxed which made it even more perfect. since we had all been there before we weren't rushing around trying to get all the sights in, but moving at our own pace doing our own thing & really just enjoying it. we did go to the eiffel tower though because i kinda feel like you have to go if you're there & why wouldn't you want to? no matter how many times i've seen it, i'm still blown away by just how big it is! we got crepes by the eiffel tower & cedar rode the carousel 3 times before we had to literally pull him off of it while he sobbed the entire time, he is obsessed with carousels, cute.. but not cute when he almost cries every time he sees one that he doesn't get to ride.. haha. it was really fun with cedar in paris. he pointed & "oohed" & "ahhed" at nearly everything & anytime he noticed th eiffel tower he literally would point & say "woah! cool!" he was sooo into it, i loved his reaction every single time. he never wanted to take his eyes off of it! 

besides venturing to the eiffel tower, we shopped along champs de elysees, i had a crepe about every 5 minutes cause, why not? & we wandered through the different streets just sort of taking it all in. i had really wanted to go to musée de l'orangerie to see monet's water lillies, but as fate would have it the museum was closed on our full day in paris, & we didn't have enough time the following morning before catching our flight to portugal, which was a bummer, but just means i have to go back to paris, right? right! 

& if you're interested, check out my previous posts about paris!


  1. cedar's face on the carousel is SO DARLING. what a fun little trip to paris! plus, those crepes...YUM. your travelogues are fantastic.

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