I usually try to stay off of social media over the weekends, it doesn't always happen but for the most part I'm pretty good about it. Buuuut that doesn't mean I still don't take a million pictures, so I'm starting a weekend recap post. All Last week in didn't just rain, it POURED which is pretty rare these days in, as Austin calls it, sunny southern california! The rain was totally needed & I really loved it, rain is my weather, call me crazy but I like the gloomy, coziness of it all & almost prefer it to all the sunny hot days we get here. People think I'm insane, but oh well. I loved it, but it is hard for the kids to be cooped up all week, So my friend Ashley & I took advantage of the sun on Friday & took the kids to the beach. It was surprisingly really warm at the beach, I had gone in jeans & a sweater expecting it to be cooler & was glad I wore my bathing suit underneath my clothes cause it got hot! All the rain had created a canal at the beach we normally go to & the kids were loving it, running back & forth across from beach to beach. It was such an unexpectedly good beach day & then the rain came. It had been so warm, so sunny & then it came pouring down on us! Luckily we were already packing up to go, so we just moved a little quicker to the car.

Austin & I were lucky & got TWO date nights in over the weekend, which was soooo nice! Especially since he had to work on Saturday (who does that?!?!), I got to hang with him some more. Sunday we met up with my sister & her family in Santa Monica for dinner to celebrate my nephews 12 birthday. Cedar was SO excited to see them & he & my other nephew, Russy, were looooving running up & down 3rd street like the crazy boys they are. The two of them together is pure chaos. They are either belly laughing as hard as possible, or sobbing, there is no in-between with those two & while it can give a headache, I kind of love it.

In other news: Austin has been working his new job for two weeks now & loves it, which is so so good but it is taking me a bit to get used to him working more often! Before he had a super flexible schedule which was great but it's all good, he loves this job which is more important & we're doing a pretty good job getting it all figured out with our schedules!

Cedar started his new preschool & he really loves it so much, it's pretty adorable. He was so nervous & excited the first day, but after he couldn't wait to tell me everything they did & of course the most important part of the school to him is that they have toy animals for him to play with, haha. He's happy going & I'm happy cause I get a few hours with just Milo & to myself when Milo naps, so it's a win win for everyone.

I've started meditating again & I really have seen such a different in myself & in my daily life, I'm loving it. It's been a few years since I was really good at doing a daily meditation & I am really happy that I've started doing it again. I'll talk more on it later.

I've been thinking a lot about my little corner of the internet & what to do with it. I love blogging but I am craving more of a direction instead of my rambling posts. What do you guys think? Are the rambling posts too ramble-y? Do you like them? do you want more of a series going on? What do you want to know or hear about ? I'm open to any & all suggestions! Let me know!

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