my favorite photo of 2017!
guys, i can't believe that it's 2018. christmas went by in a FLASH! i swear i just blinked & it was over. i'm pretty positive that as i get older years get shorter, anyone else feel that way? no? just me? ohwell.

so, i totally think the actual holiday of new years is overrated. it always gets so hyped up! & then nothing exciting really happens.. but i do love the feeling & idea of a fresh start, so i'm all about setting up new goals.

be present // a lot of the time i'm taking pictures or videos of whatever we are doing because i don't want to forget anything, which is awesome because i have so much documented. but sometimes that makes it so i'm not paying attention to everything that is going on around me. we can all benefit from being more present when we are with each other.

simplicity // simplicity in all forms. it's easy to get caught up in the hustle & bustle & i'm wanting to get out of it before i'm stuck!

body acceptance // i consider myself to be pretty active, i try to get out & be active a few times a week, along with actually going to a gym or fitness class. i'm just not very good at sitting still & i do not like the way i physically feel when i don't push my limits. even though i do try to be active, i can be pretty hard on myself when i shouldn't be! i have a really healthy, fairly strong body who has had 2 babies. i should be proud of the body i have & all that it can do & i want to focus on that.

be more organized // i am the worst at organization, just ask my husband. i am unorganized in just about all aspects of my life but i want to work on it! i'm going to focus on three aspects to be more organized to make it a bit more attainable.

  • clothes/ closet: i'm the queen of stuffing my drawers & leaving things on the floor & i hate it! 
  • blog: i have a million ideas for my blog & always wait till the last minute & never get the posts done that i want to, so i'm going to try scheduling days to write/prep & post. 
  • time: ultimate procrastinator over here. i'm also always down to ditch boring chores for something fun but, that leads to not having enough time for everything, so i really need to work on that one!
no comparisons // it's so easy to compare lives with those around, especially with instagram. i really want to focus on not comparing my life to others & to be happy with where i am & where my family is in our life. 

my list is short & sweet for my goals, but i like to keep it mellow so i don't totally let myself down if i fail at them!! it's worked for my in the past. plus, this way i can really focus on my goals. i also plan on revisiting & assessing my goals every three months to check up on how i feel like i am doing with them & see if i want to add any others to my list.

how do you like to set up your goals? i love hearing what people want to work on.

happy new year!

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