band of horses @ twilight

i was going to start this post off with a video of one of my favorite band of horses songs, but youtube doesn't want to cooperate. so instead, i'll just tell you which one it was: our swords. it's a really good song. i also really, really like evening kitchen (it's a little slow & semi sad) & no ones gonna love you. so check them out if you don't know them already & you are interested. moving on...  austin, nick, shayla & i went downtown to one of the twilight concerts to see band of horses play. i was so excited because i love them so much. it seemed to be way more crowded than i remember from last year, & really, really hot. but we somehow managed to run into a lot of friends that we haven't seen in a long time. we stood around & waited for the show to begin & once it did, i had a lot of fun. i truly love band of horses & have for some time now. this was my second time seeing them play live & it was just as good as the first time (just more crowded). austin likes to take picture of people. not just people he knows, but sort of everyone, & they're usually pretty funny & twilight concerts are seriously the best for people watching/getting great pictures of random people. so during the show he took the camera & went wild taking pictures of whoever he & our friend christian thought was a good subject. not all of them  turned out too well, but he did manage to get some pictures of our group of friends we were with, which i was happy about! 
nick & shayla, just so excited for band of horses
 boy with a mullet & christian in the background
 front view of boy with mullet & me trying to make the picture
 close up on nick
 jake, who we went through nick & shayla
paparazzi shot of kylie "please, no. i hate having my picture taken" 

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