a quick trip

this weekend austin, nick, shayla & i made a quick trip to california for our friend courtney's baptism. we left thursday afternoon after we all finished school &/or work & got to my house around 2:30 am. it was so worth the trip though. it doesn't even feel like we ever left now that we're back.we spent friday being lazy. we woke up & had donuts from breakfast that my mom had picked up for us (one thing that i'm always really bummed on utah for is their lack of donut shops. back home we have them in almost every shopping center), had the best mexican food from our favorite guadalajara mexican market, went to the mall & then we went to a dodger game. we went with russell, shem, randy & jennifer & met up with matt & courtney. unfortunately the dodgers lost, but they still had a great firework show, so it was all good. saturday was courtneys baptism & kristens birthday party. we went to support courtney in the morning & she had such a great baptism. the speakers were great & i am so excited & happy for this chapter in courtneys life. she's going to absolutely love it! after the baptism nick, shayla, austin & i went back to my house to swim & layout before going to kristens birthday dinner at lazy dog (my favorite place). we then went to see seeking a friend for the end of the world. it was ... a different movie. it was interesting, not my favorite, but not horrible. we then woke up bright & early this morning to drive back to utah.

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