hip hip hooray!

there she is, front & center, just gettin her groove on & loving it.
today is my moms birthday! hooray! 
she's the most amazing mom anyone could ever ask for.
she has always put her children first, is really funny, caring, loving & makes everything more fun.
i love hanging out with my mom & being able to talk to her when i'm in utah & she's in california.
she's always up for anything, loves to travel & be surrounded by friends & family, she loves a good party & can seriously light up any room. 
people love her & i don't blame them. 
she's pretty awesome
& i love her.


  1. she is pretty awesome! i just love her

  2. thank you, sweet kerry, you made my day! i'm lucky to have you for a daughter...you're fantastic!

  3. p.s. i just nominated you for a liebster award!
    checkkk it out....http://www.shaylalilian.com/2013/04/the-liebster-award.html

  4. i love that picture of her! so so cute. happy birthday aunt jo!