last night was the 3rd annual girl cousin party.
i love this party & get so excited for it. my cousins are all
such fun, creative & amazing ladies & we definitely all get together enough.
so when we do, i love it. 
we all bring delicious food,
talk & talk & talk,
whitney teaches us yoga,
& we all bring our favorite things, 10$ or under,
for a gift exchange. 
& this is what i brought as my gift
rifle co. notebook- first off, i love all rifle co. products. but i especially love their notebooks. they make perfect little notebooks that come in a set of three (i just gave one of the three) that are all adorable & the perfect size. i love these to fill with quotes & make sort of a mini version of my books.
lush bathbomb- if you have never used one, that needs to change. i'm completely obsessed. when i was pregnant i got really into taking baths & i developed a love for these bathbombs. there are so many different kinds, with different purposes & scents. some come with little things inside, some have glitter & different items that come out when it's in the water. they smell delicious, & make your skin feel so, so soft. i don't take a bath without one now. my absolute favorite is their butterball. go get one, it will change your skins life.
eos chapstick- i'm sure you've all seen these at target, but if you haven't ever tried one, buy one! i love this thing. at first i thought it was really weird, i mean, it's a giant circle chapstick... very impractical. but i've become obsessed with it. & i might be a complete weirdo, but i use it the same way everytime so it's molded perfectly to my lips & i love that it has. austin likes to tell me he's going to ruin it & use it the opposite direction, but so far, it hasn't happened. luckily. but really, i've had this chapstick for a long time. probably the longest i've gone without losing a chapstick, i think its because of the shape. its also lasted for such a long time. & i have to admit, i'm really interested to see what happens when i get to the end of the chapstick.

so if you're looking for easy, cheap, last minute gifts for any ladies in your life, 
these are a few of my favorite things!


  1. i love all three of these things too! did you know you can buy bulk packs of eos chapsticks at costco? perfect for gift-giving! :)

    1. whaaat! i had no clue! i'll have to make sure & find someone to take me to costco now!