in a dream world

i would have a closet that looks like this.
and then a shoe closet that looks like this.

bicycle race

in the words of queen
"I want to ride my bicycle I want to ride my bike. I want to ride my bicycle I want to ride it where i like"
earlier this semester i got my very own bike. and i love it. i call it The Submarine because it is yellow. sadly it's not in this picture, because it's busy getting fixed. but i wish i had it so i could ride it all about the town. i ride it pretty much everyday, everywhere i need to go in the provo town. I can't wait to have the submarine chained back up to my staircase so i can ride it wherever i like. my bike is making this year amazing so far.

give me the splendid silent sun with all his beams full- dazzling, give me juicy autumnal fruit ripe and red from the orchard.
- walt whitman


last winter my sweetheart of a friend crocheted me the cutest scarf of the year.
i was so pleased & so thankful for her & the efforts she put into it.
i've watched her crochet her heart out for the past year or so now,
& have decided it's my time.
the other night my roomie & i had our friend show us
how to create these great scarves, & ever since i can't put my hook down.
i worked hard all into the night & on my flight home yesterday.
i'm thrilled how to see how my little creation goes over.

arcade fire

the other night i was paroozing the facebook scene, and i came upon this link on my friends status. i obviously clicked it, and was amazed at what i found. i hope anyone that reads this clicks the link, and follows what it says to do. i found it to be such an awesome experience. they take your address, and show you a music video of someone running and all of a sudden you see your house, it's so rad. i love it. the band that is the creator of this little gem is Arcade Fire. they never cease to amaze me with their music, and have definitely blown me out of the water with this video.

life @ fleur de lis

I'm all moved & settled in at my new apartment. it's taken me a couple weeks to get it all exactly how i wanted, but i've got quite the little setup now, & am quite pleased. here a few shots to share.
a few things i would like to highlight: a. my comfy comforter. b. my fainting couch which is so necessary for my dramatic days. c. my little table dresser that i adore. d. my old school globe that has germany split into 2 countries, along with the ussr repping russia. and last but not least, e. the organization of my closet and how pleased i am with it.