austin & i were lucky enough to spend 2 weeks in italy for our honeymoon. it was a beyond perfect honeymoon, i couldn't dream of a better one. it was really hard for us to choose where to go for our honeymoon, austin & i both want to go so many different places that it was nearly impossible for us to settle on a location. finally we both wrote down 5 different places we wanted to go, & italy was the one we had in common, so off we went! we started off our honeymoon in rome.
rome was amazing, we both loved it so much. we spent our first day wandering around rome, just taking it all in. we walked to the tomb of the unknown solider & to the colosseum where we ate dinner. the next day we had planned a tour of the sistine chapel, but unfortunately we couldn't find where we were supposed to meet with the tour group & we missed it. so we walked around looking at the vatican, ate lunch & then decided to get a pass for the big red tour bus. it was so, so hot, we decided just to ride around on the bus for a while, looking at all of the sites before deciding to get off at the trevi fountain for dinner & some gelato. the next day we went baaaack to the vatican in high hopes of finding another tour. luckily for us, when we got there the pope was giving some big speech so we got to see him in person, which is pretty cool, before we went on a tour. our tour guide was awesome. he had so many interesting & funny facts to share with us, he was great. 

the next day we headed off to siena. it was really cool to go, i had never been before & it was gorgeous. it's really, really small, but gorgeous. the first day we were there we wandered all around, went & saw the duomo there, went to their main square & at dinner there. the duomo in siena is awesome because it is all striped, it's really different from others that i had seen. the inside is incredibly detailed & striped too, it's really cool. our last day there we went to a neighboring town. they call it the "mid-evil manhattan" .. i'm not quite sure why.. but it was interesting none the less. it's much more mid-evil looking than siena, & it was really fun to see, a bit more touristy than siena, surprisingly.

after siena we went to florence for two days. florence was really fun because a couple of my sean & laruen have been living there for the past year, so i haven't seen them in a long time, & because austin hadn't met them. i was really excited for him to meet them. we met up with them our first day there to go & see the david & afterwards sean & lauren gave us the quickest tour of florence i have ever had. it was really fun though, they both had a lot of really cool facts to tell us that we never would have learned. they took us to an awesome gelataria & we ate our gelato on the bridge while they told us all of the places we should go & see. they told us about the monks that chant at the micheleangelo cathedral at the top of the florence, so we walked up there to check it out. it was pretty cool to see & hear. the next day we met up with sean & lauren to have another gelato, & to say our goodbyes before we headed off. 

our next stop was the cinque terre, i was the most excited for this stop. i have been dreaming & wanting to go ever since i saw pictures of it, wherever i saw them. it did not let me down. we both absolutely loved it. it's a beachy, laid back town on the french riviera part of italy. cinque terre means 5 towns. they're all really close & built right on edge cliffs right next to the ocean. between the towns are trails connecting them that you hike to get from town to town (there's also a train if you get tired). we were staying in town #5, so we hiked to town #4, it took us about an hour & a half. this is the longest hike & it was semi brutal. a lot of uphill  & hundreds of tiny, steep steps to go up. the trails from towns 4 to 3 & 3 to 2 were closed because of an insane storm they had earlier the year, so we ended up taking the train to town #1 & walking to #2 later on. we both loved going around all of the different towns & at the end of the day going back to lay on the beach before dinner. it was all so relaxing, we loved it. 

our last stop was venice.. & it was an interesting one. our first day was pretty good, we went to st. marks square, walked to the rialto bridge, & up the bell tower in st. marks square. it was all so much fun, venice really is so beautiful & romantic.. (with that being said, it's not my favorite). it was all great, until austin got sick that night, he spent the night waking up & puking. i felt so bad for him. especially the next day. we had to check out at 10 am, but we weren't leaving until 7 pm, that meant we had a long time to spend in the extreeeeme heat of venice with austin being sick. we basically spent it by walking around venice stopping probably every 20-30 minutes so austin could sit in shade & have some water or soda to drink. i felt really bad, i'm sure it wasn't too fun for him, but we did see a lot more of venice! 

fried chicken

austin posted this video on my facebook today & it's hilariously ridiculous. enjoy!

wedding photo preview

today our photographers put up a preview of our wedding photos
& i absolutely adore them. they're exactly what i wanted.
i couldn't have asked for a better photographers than
happy studios. they really helped capture our day!
to see a few more go to their blog


top to bottom
austin enjoying his chicken sandwich
conversation bubbles that were added to our guest book
austin in the desert on our drive back to utah
clouds from the fire in lehi
our kate spade china that i am in love with
one of my favorite poems
my cousin whit's cute baby girl wren
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life after wedding

all wedding things have now come to an end. it's a bitter sweet feeling. it's crazy to think my one big day that i've dreamt about my whole life has come & gone.  i'm kind of sad to think there will be no more wedding plans or parties, but at the same time happy to get rid of whatever stress came along with the wedding preparations! this past week has been constantly busy for austin & i. we got back from our honeymoon monday afternoon, & drove back to utah tuesday morning. once we got back we had a lot more wedding gifts that were waiting for us at his parents house to open, & a whole other reception to look forward to! the utah reception was beautiful, austins mom put it all together & i loved it. all of the decorations were perfect, the flowers beautiful & the food & deserts were delicious.  i couldn't of asked for anything else. i was so excited to wear my dress one more time before it got packed away. after the reception we went back to his parents house where we opened the remaining gifts that we got at the reception with his family.  austin & i spent friday taking all of our gifts to our apartment & setting everything up. it was a long process, but it came together pretty well & we're almost finished. i cannot wait for it to be 100% finished & taken care of.  we spent saturday in salt lake where we went to a family friends 50th wedding anniversary, & afterwards returning gifts & getting a few items that we needed. that evening we met up with ashley, nick, shayla, abigayle & parker at este's, a pizza place down town, & then we all went to see moonrise kingdom. there's a few things i've learned throughout the whole wedding experience.. 
1. i've learned that you have to let the little things go, otherwise it  could ruin the whole occasion
2. not to stress about how everything is going to look on the day of, it will look beautiful & if you don't like it, it's too late to change anything.
3. you will get one item at least 4 times, possibly a few different items multiple times.
4. people will give you things from stores you will never be able to figure out, so you'll have a few extra unnecessary kitchen items. 
5. its helpful to have a married friend come with you when registering or returning, so they can tell you what you actually will need (turns out you don't need something just because its adorable) 
6. returning gifts is one of the hardest/ most annoying things in the world
7. people do not like to give you gift receipts
8. you have to go with it, or you won't enjoy your special day
9. try to sample everything at your wedding, otherwise you won't have anything
10. you probably won't see everything at your wedding & how cute everything looks, but it's ok because you'll have pictures that you can look at, so don't worry
11. you'll change your mind a lot in the process of planning
12. be open to what other people suggest, don't be too strong headed 
otherwise it might cause an issue & it's really not worth it. 
13. you'll probably return/exchange a lot of gifts. it's ok. don't feel bad, 
no one can fit that many gifts in their home.
14. your dress will get dirty, theres no way of getting around it, it's ok. 
the dry cleaners can get it out.

love story

austin & i got back from our honeymoon yesterday afternoon & it was amaaaazing! i'm definitely going to give a photo overload on it... we have about 500 pictures + 3 roles of film, 
so it's going to take a few days for me to narrow them all down. but once i do, 
i'll put them up & tell you all about it. but in the mean time, 
i wanted to share with you our love story video that we made to show at our reception.

mr & mrs

we're now married & we're a mr. & a mrs. 
so off to our honeymoon for 2 blissful weeks in italy.