This is my wish for you...smiles when sadness intrudes. 
Comfort on difficult days. Rainbows to follow the clouds. 
Laughter to kiss your lips. Sunsets to warm your heart. 
Beauty for your eyes to see. Hugs when spirits sag. 
Confidence for when you are in debt. Faith so that you can believe. 
Patience to accept the truth. Courage to know yourself. 
Friendship to brighten your being. Love to complete your life.
- Unknown


Summer is just a mere two days away, and i can't wait! After a tough couple of weeks of studying, projects, packing, cleaning, and more studying, i am ready to relax! The beach is calling my name and so are my friends that i have left behind(few of these friends are in the picture)! These next couple of weeks are going to be crazy! First i go home and have the gold tournament, then it's back to utah for Women's Conference to hear two of my aunts talk, with my ma and friend. Then i get to drive home with two of my friends, so it won't be too terrible. But once i get home, it will be all fun in the sun! A couple of my friends are coming to California and are going to come visit me, and hopefully a couple of others will too! After those fun weeks i get to set up and head off to Peru! Constantly busy busy busy, but i think it will be more fun than studying

Calm down

Here is a playlist i like to listen to when i like to relax. after reading my sisters blog posts lately, i thought maybe some of you could enjoy it as well.

  1. Silver Trees- Rocky Votolato
  2. F-Stop Blues- Jack Johnson
  3. The Scientist- Coldplay
  4. Somewhere Over the Rainbow- Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
  5. Middle Distance Runner- Sea Wolf
  6. Hear you me- Jimmy Eat World
  7. With a Little Help from My Friends- Joe Cocker
  8. Dust in the Wind- Kansas
  9. Going To California- Led Zeppelin
  10. Hallelujah- Jeff Buckley
  11. Say Yes- Elliott Smith
  12. I Hope You Dance- Lee Ann Womack
  13. Sunshine- Matt Costa
  14. Puchaca Sunrise- Minus the bear
  15. Sunrise- Norah Jones
  16. Penelope- Pinback
  17. Australia- The Shins
  18. Slow Cheetah- Red Hot Chili Peppers
  19. Androgynous- The Replacements
  20. Life On Mars?- Seu Jorge
  21. New Slang- The Shins
  22. Is This It- The Strokes
  23. Some Kinda Love- The Velvet Underground
  24. Forever Young- Youth Group
  25. The Way I Feel Inside- The Zombies
  26. Sleeping In- The Postal Service
  27. Only In Your Heart- America
  28. Our Swords- Band of Horses
  29. A Day In The Life- The Beatles
  30. La vie en rose- Edith Piaf


russell, meet russell


When i was home last, I found a fun little treasure. A polaroid camera.
I was so excited I had to go out and by film immediately! A certain someone kept telling me that they were not that great, but they were very wrong! I have been having such fun with these quick and easy little snap shots. Here are a few that i want to share!  

happy birthday!

to the worlds greatest mom! i dont know what i would do without you! i love you very much and hope you have a wonderful day! wish i could celebrate with you!

i've been in the mood..

for romantic love stories and crafting. For the past couple of weeks, ever since i got my wisdom teeth out actually, i have wanted to watch one of my all time favorites: Gone with the Wind. I have looked for it and never found it, until i went to blockbuster last night and there it was! I rented Gone with the Wind & When Harry met Sally. Then I bought Becoming Jane & Pretty Woman & The Notebook. Always good to have a few of your favorites on hand. Now, if only I had My Fair Lady, A lot like Love & Pride and Prejudice... then i could sit in front of my t.v. and craft for as long as i pleased because i would never run out of movies! Last night I watched When Harry Met Sally, and hopefully today I'll watch Gone With The Wind. There is something with romantic movies that can make me happy even when the ending is sad.