Hey everyone, i have started my grand euroadventure and am now in my second location: San Sebastian! Shannon and I flew to Madrid monday morning and arrived on tuesday morning, so you can imagine how that long flight went..We spent a few days in madrid, and i must admit it is not my favorite and is definitely not a place i would go back to..sorry madrid. Anyways, today we took at 5 hour train ride to San Sebastian, a fun little beach town which is close to France. As of current we love it and would have much rather come here than even gone to madrid, but we least we had that experience. Today we have just been laying at the beach and listening to music, they are having a jazz festival and free live music plays all day and night on the beach. Tomorrow we are going to see some of the famous sites of San Sebastian, and then at night we are going to meet ùp with my friend kaitlyn who i went to Peru with, so i am very excited to see her! Then we are off for a 10 hour train trip to Barcelona on Sunday! wish us luck! 2 spots down, only 8 more to go until im reunited with my mama.


I'm getting ready to leave on my big European adventure! We've got most of the plans finalized, we're arriving in Madrid then going to Barcelona, London, Paris, Interlaken, Venice, Florence, and Rome. I'm really excited and am constantly thinking of what to pack! On most my trips, i am able to bring my big bag and tend to pack it close to full, just leaving enough room for purchases. I tend to be an over-packer too.. i usually take a few pairs of shorts one pair jeans, and about 10 tops and 2 or 3 pairs of shoes, along with a pillow shampoo and condition and my ipod player... needless to say i definitely cannot bring all that on this trip! I will have a small backpack type bag and will be hauling it all over so can't have it being terribly heavy. Since i'll be gone for a bit over a month, i was wondering what pack-light secrets you use, what your must haves for vacation are, and what i should pack to lower my load.
happy birthday, can't believe it's been 10 years


This summer i have discovered underwater disposable cameras! they have been so much fun! granted it is a little difficult taking a picture underwater because it's hard to see through the lense but most of the pictures turn out pretty well and really fun. I'm having a blast experiencing with it! I think everyone should try one of these babies, i garantee you'll have some keepers! I have also learned that there is a new underwater digital camera, which would be so much fun! especially because i wouldn't have to worry about wasting the film, which i often do! So anyone who's interested check them both out!
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I have been a major slacker ever since summer has started. Last summer i would run practically every morning, during the school year i would go to the gym at least 4 days a week, this summer i have been running twice. It's time for a change. I need to pick up my slack and dust of my shoes! I miss the feeling i would get after a good run, of accomplishment, happiness, and being proud of myself for actually doing it. I am a huge procrastinator, i will put of anything for as long as i possibly can so it is going to take a lot of effort for me, but from here on out, i am going to run at least 4 times a week no matter how difficult it is to get me out the door!