last night i went disco skating
for the first time in my life.
growing up i could never really roller blade.
so whenever i've been invited disco skating i wouldn't go,
but i decided last night to give it a shot.
i think i found my new hobby.
i  l o v e  it.
i just want to be good.
i want to get the fancy footwork down & cruise around dancing.
it was great. 
i went with three of my friends, two of which are boys that used to go
all of the time & they were killing it. 
it was a blast.
& it was amazing when this song came on.


this past weekend we went to colorado to visit my brother & his family.
we went up to vail and wandered through the village
went on a bike ride, 
got massages & relaxed. it was greatly needed & very fun. 

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september's mix

1. The Middle East: land of the bloody unknown
2. Bonnie "Prince" Billy: i'll be glad
3. Coldplay: swallowed by the sea
4. Sea Wolf: the garden you planted
5. Ben Kweller: family tree
6. Billy Bragg: must i paint you a picture?
7. The Black Keys: howlin' for you
8. Bright Eyes: lila
9. Conor Oberst: cape canaveral
10. Creedence Clearwater Revival: long as i can see the light
11. Donovan Frankenreiter: call me papa
12. Elliott Smith: twilight
13. Fanfarlo: i'm a pilot
14. Adele: someone like you
15. Great Lake Swimmers: changing colours
16. Keane: somewhere only we know
17. The Killers: romeo & juliet
18. Teenage Fanclub: dumb dumb dumb
19. Mason Jennings: if you need a reason
20. Eddie Vedder: sleepless nights

free people

dear free people,
it would be most appreciated if you stopped making so many things that i would like.
thank you.