I'm getting ready to leave on my big European adventure! We've got most of the plans finalized, we're arriving in Madrid then going to Barcelona, London, Paris, Interlaken, Venice, Florence, and Rome. I'm really excited and am constantly thinking of what to pack! On most my trips, i am able to bring my big bag and tend to pack it close to full, just leaving enough room for purchases. I tend to be an over-packer too.. i usually take a few pairs of shorts one pair jeans, and about 10 tops and 2 or 3 pairs of shoes, along with a pillow shampoo and condition and my ipod player... needless to say i definitely cannot bring all that on this trip! I will have a small backpack type bag and will be hauling it all over so can't have it being terribly heavy. Since i'll be gone for a bit over a month, i was wondering what pack-light secrets you use, what your must haves for vacation are, and what i should pack to lower my load.


  1. I am a champion light-packer. In the summer I take 4-5 tops (including the one I'm wearing) that will dry quickly. Jeans are very heavy and bulky to pack, so unless you wear them every day, I'd leave them behind. Take a lightweight skirt (it's cool, and you can wear it if you go to a nice restaurant,) and two pairs shorts. Two pairs shoes (wear one.)

    Plan to mail souvenir stuff home. The post offices sell boxes and tape. It'll get to your house before you do, and you don't have to lug it around.

    I have a small feather travel pillow. It squooshes into my carry-on, and it's as comfortable as my home pillow, just smaller. I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond and bought two very cheap decorator pillows that had kind of sturdy pillowcases. I threw away the pillows and take the pillowcases with me, so I can change them, and wash them after they've been all over the airplane and airport floors. I sewed a little velcro strip on it so I can hook it to my purse.

    Everyplace you're going has drug stores. Take a tiny bottle of shampoo, etc, and just buy what you need when you're there.

    Do a practice pack, and then carry whatever you're taking on a half-hour walk around your neighborhood. See if you can lift everything over your head (for the train) and see if you can run (to change platforms at the train station.) If you can't, eliminate anything heavy.

    Have tons of fun!!

  2. Sorry my comment was so long. I pack light, but I write heavy.

  3. we both have this challenge ahead of us!

  4. I'm a pack heavy write light, so you're on your own, but have tons of fun!!!