it was my big brothers birthday last week & i had told him i was planning a great present for him. i hardly think he suspected a terrarium. he's big into planting things & that sort of thing now-a-days, so i thought he would appreciate my thoughtful gift. 
it was pretty easy to put together, just took me a while to find a bowl to put it in. originally i planned on making three smaller hanging terrariums, but i couldn't find any little glass guys that i could hang. i settled on a big fishbowl.. that didn't really look like a fishbowl. i went to home depot and picked out a few succulents (they're less maintenance & easy to have indoors), got the soil, picked up some little rocks from the pet store for added decor, and bam. i got myself a terrarium. 

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  1. Did he love it? This looks REALLY cool. Like a world all its own.