what your filter says about you

the other day i was looking at one of my favorite sites, apartment therapy, & came across this infographic. apparently the filters people choose to use on instagram actually says something about that person. i would have never thought this, so i found the infographic pretty interesting to look at. they broke it down by the most popular filters & wrote clever comments about each of them which are pretty funny. the graphic made me interested in what filters i use the most, so i went through some of my latest instagrams & checked out what my top filters are & apparently i don't pick a lot of popular filters.. i mainly use walden or sutro, but my 3rd runner up is x-pro II, & 4th is nashville, which did make the list. so it was fun to read what they had to say about that filter! what filters do you use? 


  1. I used to use early bird a lot. I guess I am stuck in the 70's and a Wes Anderson wanna-be. I'm okay with that I guess. I've started using a lot of other apps though that I like a lt! You should try PicFX if you haven't already!


  2. This is awesome! I might have to share this on my blog too. I'm definitely an instagram addict. My most used filter is earlybird (does that mean I'm a hipster cliche amongst a group of hipster cliches?) followed by rise and x-pro II. And I totally use rise because it's one of the first few filters, haha.

    - Hannah
    she could be a pharmer in those clothes