1. i'm obsessed with letters & how they create words. & words & their meanings &  how they look together.
2. graduating scares me. i'm scared that i won't keep learning, so i've started asking teachers for book recommendations to read after i graduate. most of the books are on philosophy & classics.
3. my personality type is ENTP. what's yours?
4. i never thought there would be a time in my life where i wouldn't have time to paint, but it did & it's right now.
5. seeing the ocean automatically gives me a sense of freedom & happiness.
6. i probably fly at least once a month.
7. i never say "if we ever go.." when talking about traveling, but "when we go..." i just assume it'll happen if we want it to. 
8. journaling is probably my number one hobby that i don't do enough lately. writing down all of my thoughts that are complete nonsense clears my mind & saves my husband from having to hear my crazy ramblings that probably make no sense to him.
9. for some reason i always feel the need to stretch my mouth. my brother does this too, so i guess its a family trait. 
10. nothing makes me happier than waking up to cuddle with my husband & play with our happy little baby.

p.s. happy halloween! 


  1. Hi! I've recently started a blog. It would be great if you would take a moment and check it out.


  2. you paint? i wanna see! when do you graduate?

    1. Maybe one day ill do a post about my paintings... I want to wait till I have new ones but I never know when that will happen! & ill graduate this may!!

  3. Yes, morning snuggles are the absolute best!! It's my favorite time of day! And I love the idea that you said happens when you see the ocean, a sense of freedom. Perfect description :)
    xo TJ