we're moving to utah! it feels surreal to think that we are actually moving. two years ago we moved to california & in with my mom with the plan to move out within 6 months tops...two years later, we're still here! with austin's job there was always the possibility of moving away & it seemed that just about every time we were going to move out of my moms & into our own space, we would *almost move. i can't tell you how many times we actually started looking for housing in other states that fell through, it was pretty high & low on the emotions scale. eventually we decided it was better for us to stay with my mom because we were always on the cusp of moving & we didn't want to get stuck in a contract.

fast forward 2 years & austin has quit his old job, started a company & we are officially relocating to utah. a place i literally never thought i would move back to. i am pretty excited though! i do love utah, it's just pretty bittersweet to leave california. it's my home & where my family & friends are, we've made a pretty good little life here & i love it. weirdly enough, my moms house is the place we have continuously lived the longest in our entire married life. when we lived in provo we were there for almost two years but, moved twice. then we moved to salt lake for 11 months, spain for 14 & my moms house for 2 years. kind of funny.

while we wait for our move date i am anxiously trying to find a decent house for us to rent & get my hopes up with almost every one, haha. i can't help it, i love imagining our life in the houses & our things (which i haven't seen in almost 4 years i might add, so weird) living in them. it will be pretty fun to decorate a home again.

we are excited for all the new possibilities that come with moving again. i like the spontaneity of it & the adventure i know it will bring. plus, california isn't that far away, we will definitely be back.


  1. i am so excited for you! don't get me wrong, california is amazing, but there are so many wonderful things about utah! the mountains, the food, the comfort. it's such a nice place - GOOD LUCK moving!!

  2. WHAT! YES! come hang out with me!

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