i love skulls

i don't know where my likeness/obsession began, but i'm real into skulls & skeletons
to put it simply, i just love them. 
i've got quite the collection of items going on too.
i have a skull on my desk, skull necklace, 
dancing skeleton sweater (not the grateful dead dancing skeleton, but i'm in the market for one of those too)
a skeleton painting i did over my bed, a skull ring, & quite a few pairs of skull/skeleton socks.
the newest addition is a beloved skull blouse.
a couple girls i became friends with while working at anthro both had it & i couldn't help but get one too.
the only issue is i could not find it anywhere online, or in utah
so i had to recruit shannon to hunt it down for me
luckily, we found it, she bought it, gave it to my mom & she gave it to me.
i could not have been more excited to get my little hands on it
& i love it. 


  1. i love that shirt! so cute. is that your bedroom? i love all the different frames on the walle