a lot of our date nights now consist of bathing, feeding & putting cedar to bed
& then cuddling up on the couch with ice cream or candy to either watch a movie or
whatever t.v. we've gotten hooked on.
sometimes it's hard to have any time alone with austin.
we're both so in love & obsessed with cedar that it's hard to get a whole lot done when he's awake,
wiggling, smiling & making noise, & we find ourselves doing chores or tasks while he's asleep
rather than taking the opportunity to enjoy our time together.
we have to try & remember to make time for ourselves.
so even if we don't go somewhere,
or don't have a babysitter,
we have started having stay-in dates.
where no phones, or computers allowed.
& they're sort of my favorite thing ever.


  1. Those nights are the best, We usually make cookies and hit up Netflix. But If I lived there I totally would watch Skeeter so you could go out sometimes.

  2. This sounds exactly like me and Dallas, except we don't have a cute baby. We just have no money, haha. :)

    Any show recommendations?

    1. we get really in to tv shows together, i think our most recent addiction was scandal, it's seriously so good! & as for movies, anything & everything! we watch all the trailers on apple & pick what movies we want to see & take turns choosing which to watch once theyre out to rent on iTunes!