we went to mt. rushmore on monday && i was pretty excited to be there. i've wanted to see it ever since i saw richie rich back in the day, & it did not disappoint. i've heard a lot of people are let down once they see it in person, but i for one could not have been more pumped on it. austin & i are both into doing overly toursity things like seeing all the national monuments & taking a ton of pictures... so it works out. & luckily my mom also is, otherwise this trip to mt. rushmore would not have happened.
we got there early in the morning & it was already crowded, which is the issue with this tourist thing. we got there, took some pictures & walked along the path they've got going on to give different views of the carving. there is also some info on how they did it & all that jazz.
after staring at the monument some more, we made our way to the airport to go to chicago for the week.
why? there's really no reason. besides austin & i wanted to go & my mom thought it would be fun. & then my sister & her kids also thought it would be fun, so we decided to go. & i've got a lot of pictures from being here too, just you wait. we've gone all around this city, had some great food (a must on any vacation), saw the sites, went to museums, shopped (another must), & austin & i are going to lollapalooza! i. am. so. excited. summers really are the best

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