last weekend austin & i celebrated our 2 year anniversary. we wanted to make it special, do something really fun, because last year i was far to pregnant & we both kind of assumed we would have had our baby before our anniversary, so we didn't plan anything for it. we ended up going fishing, helping friends move & then to a bbq for it, which was totally fun, but we wanted to actually sort of plan something this time around. 
so austin started planning a couple weeks ahead of time to make sure we actually had something to do. unfortunately, what he had been thinking of doing wasn't going to work out, so we had decided to just go to dinner somewhere nice that we had never been to, but all of the places we could think of weren't going to be open the day we were going to celebrate because it was a monday. so we didn't really have any idea of what to do. 
we had been trying to figure out something a little out of the ordinary to do to make it a fun anniversary & we were having problems coming up with something, i don't know what is wrong with us. but then, the friday before our anniversary our friends curtis & meera came over & everything fell into place. we have all been wanting to go on a climbing trip together for quite some time but with all of our schedules it never seemed possible, until this night. they told us they were going on a climbing trip to the city of rocks & that we should go. we quickly agreed & got everything ready & sunday we were off.
our first stop was to lava hot springs. we floated the freezing cold river twice, boiled ourselves in the springs & went down every water slide at the pools. it was so rad. the river was SO cold with all these extremely hot springs going into it every once in a while. it was really cool, i have never been in a river that is like that. after the river & hot springs we went to the pools that are naturally heated that felt perfect. they also had 4 really big, fast & a little bit scary water slides. i was scared to go on a couple of them & i'm pretty sure we all screamed a ton but it was so much fun, i loved it!
next we drove to city of rocks where we set up camp & had dinner before calling it a night so that we could get a good start on the next day. we climbed all day, explored, hiked, read stories out loud & had a really good time. we had some great pizza for dinner, climbed some more & ended the night with a fire, s'mores & alien stories. so clearly, it was a perfect day.
the entire weekend was so much fun. thank you to curtis & meera for planning it & inviting us. thank you to our sister-in-law emily who babysat cedar & for my mother-in-law jan who also babysat him! & lastly, thank you austin for going on the adventure-versary with me!
& if the pictures weren't overkill enough, heres a video to go along with the weekend.


  1. All of these pictures make me so happy! What a great adventure! And aren't videos like this just so much fun to put together! Loved it!!! :)
    xo TJ

  2. awww this looks like so much fun!! we want to go on a camping trip with you guys!!

  3. that looked like a great adventure-versary!!! what fun1

  4. i loooove little lava! My dads family is from that town so that river, hot springs and pool has been apart of my summers ever since i was tiny. so fun. happy belated anniversary!!