earlier this week we headed up to city of rocks to go camping again. austin was already up there helping his dad out with a boy scout camp, & the rest of us wanted another climbing trip so it worked out perfectly for curits, meera, cedar & i to go meet up with them for our own campout.
it was so much fun to go back up there & to take cedar for his first time at the city. we lucked out & found an awesome campsite with such a cool view & plenty of room. the first night we got there just in time to set up camp & make dinner before going over to the scout camp & eating all of the scones austin's dad was making for the scouts, which were completely delicious! the next morning we woke up bright & early due to mr. cedar so austin & i took advantage of the early morning to go drive up around a higher part of the city that i had no idea even existed. super open fields with some hills & after a turn on the mountain we came across a ton of pine trees that i never would have guessed were there. it was so cool, i loved exploring & finding what else the city has to offer.

cedar loooved camping. he was pumped to crawl/walk around in the dirt, look & play with the rocks, eat dirt when no one was looking & just be a dirty little kid. dirty camping kids are the best, in my mind that is the way it's supposed to be. if kids are too clean while camping, they're probably not having that much fun, right? seems like good logic to me, so i just let him go at it & he was so happy & adorable (i'm such a mom)!

after our drive we went back to get curtis & meera so that we could go steal breakfast from the scouts & austin's dad offered to take cedar back & watch him so that we could climb more. it was so nice of him to offer, he's seriously the best grandpa & father-in-law!

after they left the rest of the trip included going to the local hot springs, laying in the fields between climbs, searching for really cool rocks (i brought home a million) & climbing. i did my first ever multi-pitch climb & i felt pretty accomplished after doing it. far less scary than i thought it would be & one of the funnest climbs i have ever done.

this morning we had planned to do a few more climbs before heading home, but austin woke up being sick & puking, poor guy. i felt so bad for him, he looked miserable. so instead we packed up & headed home so that he could get better in a comfy bed rather than a tent.
but besides his sickness, it was such a fun couple of days. this summer has been so great with so much camping lately, i hope it keeps up!


  1. This place looks amaaaazing, your photos are beautiful!!

  2. You are seriously one stunning mama!! All of these pictures are just perfect! Really wanting to go camping right about now!!
    xo TJ

  3. these photos are the cuuutest!!

  4. The 9th picture (the one of you and Cedar in the field) is prime! Love it so much.