we've been so busy lately busy.

 getting new passports, background checks, & last minute things for our upcoming visa appointment. // we had a belated birthday dinner. // i've been busy going through my closet, sadly, choosing what i can & cannot take to spain, & trying to sell some of what i'm not taking. // taking family photos with austins family. // going to the park. // having a classic slumber party with friends & baking cookies. // outdoor jazz music & dinner. // bbq's & splash pad time. 

it's been a good, busy week. which i'm pretty sure how the rest of our weeks prepping for spain are going to be.
hope you have a good weekend!


  1. hey, lovely post

  2. Oh my goodness, your pictures! And that little botty is making so SOOOO broody (as If I'm not already broody enough, hehe!) looks like the perfect summer!