Out with the old...

Do you ever dream of starting anything over? I sure do! I always think of how I could have done something different, and what a drastic change it may have made in my life. I am always wanting a fresh start. I think that's why I love the beginning of a new school year, or semester, because I feel like its a new start, that anything is possible. I love empty books because I can fill them with anything, and it will be new. Or reorganizing a room because the possibilities seem endless once it is organized (even if it only lasts a few minutes). 
Well, I had a deep desire for something new, and I felt that it would be with my blog. Since I didn't like my old blog, I decided it was time to go out with the old, and in with the new. So here I am, starting my blogging experience again. Hopefully this time I will blog more, and like it more so I won't be deleting this one! 


  1. I love fresh starts, too. There's something energizing and exciting about a clean slate!

  2. i love the new blog! can't wait to check often!