Girl Talk

Yesterday i went down to Santa Barbara to go to UCSB's music extravaganza! I went with my friends kirstine, reilly, ashley, johnny, eric, and etc. While we were there we also met up with my friend Shannon and two of her friends. It was so much fun! We got there just in time to see cold war kids, girl talk, asher roth, and ludacris. They were all really good and fun (minus asher roth...) but my favorite was definitely girl talk! They were my number reason for going, and i am so happy i finally got to see them It was crazy, so many people everywhere we could hardly move, and after dancing around and jumping around my feet were very thankful when i finally got off of them! The video below is of one of the songs girl talk performed!

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  1. looks like you had fun! Santa Barbara is one of my favorite spots!