^^ the most adorable looking pub across from our hotel, which doubles as a sherlock holmes museum. great combo^^
guys, i love london. our time there was short, cold & amazing.

the tickets we got were at the crack of dawn sunday morning & it didn't cross our minds that we didn't have cedars n.i.e. card, which is his visa, until we were on the flight for london. a tiny bit of background on why this was an issue: three days before our trip my wallet was stolen. talk about total emotional breakdown. i seriously felt so violated! & i have no clue when/where it happened, but it did & that's that. all of my cards, my drivers license, university i.d. (discounts, duh) & most importantly, both my & cedar's insurance cards & cedar's n.i.e. (mine just so happened to be in austins wallet at the time, luckily). so on the flight to london we realized cedar didn't have his card, which works as his visa for the schengan area (spain is part of it, the u.k. isn't) & he couldn't enter in as a tourist because he had overstayed his 90 days, so austin & i immediately started panicking, thinking the worst & planning for scenarios like "if cedar gets deported we..." yeah, it was an overly stressful flight & not how i wanted to kickoff our trip! we emailed austin's school immediately to see if they had a copy or could help us in anyway & they ended up having some paperwork that would allow for cedar to come back to spain, which really helped calm our nerves... along with the u.s. consulate number "incase anything goes wrong". luckily when we were entering back into the schengan area in belgium there was a slight language barrier so we didn't have to even provide the paperwork the school had sent us explaining the situation. instead, after the passport control looked & talked about cedars passport & did a lot of typing & trying to talk to us... he said he didn't speak english well & let us go on our merry way. it felt like a gigantic weight was taken off our shoulders! anyways... back to london, haha!

 our flight got in around 10 a.m. we took the train from the airport into the city center, where we then took the tube to trafalgar square which was right by our hotel. we got there around 11:30 but couldn't go into our room until 3, so we unloaded our bags & headed off- straight towards big ben & westminster! no matter how many times i have seen big ben i still get giddy to see it again. there is something truly magical about london for me, it totally makes me feel like a little kid. there is something adorable/great/exciting to see around every corner. 
one of my favorite things we did was walk along the south bank on the river thames. the walk takes you from big ben down to tower bridge, which takes you to the tower of london. it was a chilly walk since we were right along the water, but it was really so fun. there are multiple food trucks along the way, shops & performers & it takes you right to borough food market, which i highly recommend going to. we were recommended to go there & it was soooo good, everything we ate as delicious from the donuts, fudge, pulled pork sandwhiches to the bratwursts. there were so many options!we walked about 10 miles (at least) a day, which was EXHAUSTING! but it is my favorite way of seeing a city because you see so much you would otherwise miss in a taxi or on the tube. besides walking ourselves skinny we spent a lot of our time going to the museums, parks for cedar to roam around & eating constantly, which is totally cool cause we walked like crazy & i'm pregnant, so it's pretty much what i'm supposed to do!


  1. AHHHHHH these pictures are magical. london is seriously the most wonderful place ever. so glad you got through everything okay, even without the paperwork (and MAJOR bummer that your wallet got stolen - that's the WORST). hope everything works out. <3

    1. thank you!! it as seriously stressful, but it all worked out & that's all the matters, haha!

  2. It looks beautiful! I can't wait to visit someday. Curious to know how you're living in Spain? Does your husband work there? xoxo