crazy life

this has been a long week. (i know, i've been saying that a lot lately) with finals coming to an end, a switch in my major, packing up to move, unpacking & packing again, it's due to be a little tedious. i'm just thankful to say it's all over. 
this was austin & my last week together before he comes to california for the wedding. i can't believe how soon it's all coming. we both were extremely busy, but we tried to see each other as much as we could before i had to leave. we finished painting our kitchen & most of the loft on tuesday after our humanities final. we were both over being in the in-between stage. i love it. the color is so fresh, clean & happy! it was a good pick & will be perfect once we have all of our things in place. after painting all day long, we went to trafalga with nick & shayla, their cousin parker, & my cousin katie. it was a lot of fun! we went on the go-carts probably 7x's, played mini-golf, went on the carousel (shayla & my choice), & played a gigantic game of laser tag. afterwards, we went to denny's for shakes & breakfast.
wednesday ashley & i went to salt lake to my dress fitting. i hadn't seen my dress since they day we bought it back in february & i was beyond excited to see it with the sleeve addition. i'd been having a hard time imaging what it would look like, but it is perfect beyond belief. plus, it fits like a glove! all that we need to have down is have it hemmed & a bustle added. i can't wait to wear it on our wedding day & for ausin to see it, it's kind of been killing me keeping it from him! afterwards i moved all of my clothes to our new apartment & got them as organized as i could, & finished cleaning out the rest of my apartment (with some help) so i wouldn't have to worry about it this morning, at my 9 o'clock checkout. 
today i cleaned a little more, packed my suitcase for disneyworld, home & honeymoon, & went to my last final. ashley & jake came by to say bye, & austin drove me off to the airport. it was sad having to leave everyone even though it's just a month, it feels like it will be a lot longer. but i know it will go by fast.
the next time i see austin he'll be down for the wedding
the next time i see nick & shayla will be at our wedding,
& the next time i see ashley & jake, they'll have a little baby!

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