weekend away from finals

my life has been non-stop ever since last tuesday
when i found out i had written down the due date for my final paper wrong.
i wrote: april 26, 2012. it was really april 19, 2012.
(good thing my day planner arrived so i no longer will have these issues)
i had a two day timespan to write my 25 page paper
(luckily i got it done in time)
my mom came into town on wednesday night for my cousin whits baby shower 
& my bridal shower from austin's family
thursday i went to see my mom on thursday i got a great surprise
of my bff shannon being here too!
friday shannon & i headed down to provo in the early morning
for me to turn in my paper & to show off the new apartment
(it's coming together beautifully! we're almost done painting!)
we then got lunch with our friend ashley, & headed 
back to salt lake to hang with jo & whit.
we met with them at ikea where we got couches for me & austin.
saturday was shower day.
we went to whit's baby shower that was full of delicious foods
cute decor & all my lovely cousins to catch up with
& we then went to my bridal shower that was so cute
with games, decorations & new family for me to meet!
Sunday was shannons birthday!
we celebrated her birthday with one of our greatest friends blake (who we went to europe with)
& got a sunday brunch at eggs in the city before she & jo
had to fly out.
& now it's back to studying & papers before i finish school this week!

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