kneader's for breakfast

yesterday morning austin & i went to kneader's for breakfast. 
it's always a good start to the day when your first class gets canceled
& you can go to breakfast instead.
we also found out that we got the apartment we really wanted!
it's a top level, studio with a loft apartment.
it's little, with vaulted ceilings so it's open.
a perfect place to start our adventure in.
we get to move our things in on monday, which is perfect
since i need to put my things somewhere while
i'm in california before the wedding.
we both can't wait to move in & get settled
& i'm extremely excited to decorate.
plus, i love decorating & arranging.
i can't believe how close it's all coming.
less than two months
& i'll be a

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  1. Okay first off, Kneaders is MY FAVORITE breakfast, and second... your apartment sounds SO cute! How fun for you guys, enjoy every minute together, marriage is the best! :) I hope you post decorating pictures once you get settled!