austin & i both love to rock climb
buuuut we haven't been climbing as much as we would like.
so this past week we decided to start climbing more.
to start challenging ourselves & get back to where we were
& push ourselves further. 
we've gone to the quarry twice & outside once since making this decision
& are going outside tomorrow.
we went up little cottonwood to a couple of climbs with our friends jp & alex.
it was so much fun, but i did get pretty nervous. sometimes climbing outside just kind of scares me.
so we're trying & climb outside a lot so i get comfortable.
another big reason for our desire to get into climbing shape
is we are planning/hoping/wanting to go to thailand this coming june with some friends!
our friend nicole came up with the idea & austin & i couldn't say no! 
it will be so much fun & they have really, really awesome climbs there, so obviously we need to be in good shape for the trip! we're planning/hoping/wanting to go for the entire month of june.  

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