this isn't the first place we lived in since being married, but it's the first place our little family was in & we have officially moved out. in the midst of finals & holidays, we began to move & as of yesterday, we are 100% out. we cleaned it up & left our keys. 
we moved from provo up to cottonwood into my mom's house she has that my family uses when they visit utah. we couldn't be more grateful or excited that she's letting us live here. we decided to move so we can hopefully save more money to move out of state come august.
& we both wanted to leave provo to do something different. both of us had lived in provo for a really long time & it just sounded fun to move. plus, we only go to school two days a week, & there's a frontrunner station right by where we live. so it all works out wonderfully. 
it's been an extremely hectic few weeks with everything going on. but i'm so happy to be done with moving. & now we can just enjoy the holidays. which is all i want to do. i've put a ban on all tv watching unless it's a christmas movie. i'm dedicated.
here are pictures i took yesterday of our last time being in our little home.
 ps: anyone looking for friends in our area, i promise we're fun


  1. it's your mom's place right by The Store?? we live sooo close!

    1. really!? where are you guys??

    2. we are in holladay, right across the street from olympus jr. high....just up the road from where cottonwood mall used to be!