La Playa

 school was crazy this week, so i've slacked on blogging & coming up with ideas to blog about. so instead, i'll share more pictures from california!
the beach is definitely one of the things i miss most about living in california (besides my family of course). i love spending my days in the sun & sand at the beach. i'm excited for the day when we live near the beach so we can be a beach family & have weekly beach days with all of our friends & family like i had growing up. my memories are full of days well spent at the beach & going to either taco bell or round table for pizza afterwards with our family friends. I LOVED IT. i cannot wait for that to be our life with our little family & our friends little families & whoever else out there that wants to join us. but until then, trips to the beach, trips home & pictures will have to suffice. 


  1. I'm hoping you will do a what you wore while at Disneyland post on the Warp and Woof. I absolutely loved that look!

    1. thank you! i'm trying to catch up on w & w!