i've been thinking up new goals i want to work towards. you know with it being the new year & all, it's been on my mind a lot. i'm not a big resolutions person, but i am into goals. & i'm into realistic goals. i wanted to come up with goals that would improve my life & me as a person, something that would (hopefully) make me a better person & things i can continue in the long run. so everynight for the past week or so i've been doodling up a list of these goals in my journal. i do this every new year so that i have my lists & what-nots to look back on, & this year i decided to share my goals.
learn spanish// this is an obvious one & a very necessary goal. i live in spain, i need to speak spanish. it's been a rough & annoying couple of months not being able to speak very well to anyone, but i have noticed i understand more already. but i actually need to learn it. 

eat healthy// i want to be healthy & feel healthy. a huge part of that is what you eat. i've been cooking way more since moving, but it's been a little hard coming up with good healthy meals because the stores & food here are a bit different.. it's hard to explain. but i'm going to make a better attempt! & i should probably cut out my gigantic carb intake that i've picked up since being in spain. i swear bread is their #1 meal.

live in the moment// i find that i get stressed a lot thinking about things that really are not in my control & i need to stop that. so, don't stress about things in the past, the things i cannot change. don't worry too much about the future, what will come will come & i'll figure it out then. 

stop comparing// i used to compare myself a lot to other people from social media or blogs, & i have gotten a lot better about it. but i still think it's something i need to remind myself. i don't need to be doing what someone else is doing, or have what they have. 

be present// be 100% there. i don't want to be the person always behind a computer screen or a phone screen when with my loved ones. i want to be there, with them. interacting with them, giving them my full attention! it's something i practice really hard with cedar & something i know i need to continue doing.

less time on the computer// that goes with that goal up above ^^. i love the computer, i love looking at websties & learning different things online, i love blogging, but everything in moderation, right? i've gotten it down to a pretty specific time frame that i use my computer during & i really like it. so really, i'm just trying to keep that up.

get a new hobby// there are so many things that i think would be so interesting to learn, so i've decided i'm going to pick one to focus on & learn that hobby/skill. i don't know what it will be as of yet. sewing? calligraphy? to paint better? who knows, my list is looong. but i'm going to pick one, i swear!

read more// this is a life long goal. i love to read, therefore i should read more. it's easy as that. 

be true to myself// this goes along to the stop comparing goal. i want to be authentic to myself, to my likes & dislikes, my interests, my thoughts & my body. i don't want to compare myself & i don't want to think i need to be doing something because everyone else is. i want to be true to me, make me happy.

live simply// when we moved we left a lot of material things behind. all home goods, furniture, decorations, books, toys, clothes, shoes..we left a lot of it behind. we came with 6 suitcases which still sounds like a lot to me, but i think it has taught me to live a simpler life & i'm really enjoying it. i want to try to keep that mentality throughout the year.

be happy// cause everyone should try to be a little happier. 

do you have any goals or resolutions you're working towards this year? 

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  1. kerry all of your goals are so inspiring - they are simple but powerful. (and that illustration is great. my vote would be that you pick up caligraphy after seeing that!) my favorite goal you made was about being authentic. have you ever read the happiness project? she talks a lot about accepting things about your personality instead of trying to convince yourself that you like something. doing things that your personality truly clicks with, that makes you happy.

    anyway, you are wonderful & you will kill your list. good luck! xo