does anyone else think packing is the worst? but also kiiiiind of love it? no matter where the trip is to, or for how long, packing is daunting to me. i feel like i never know what i should take & i put serious effort & thought into it, probably too much effort & thought, but it's also fun. it makes you think about where you're going, what you'll be doing & what you'll need. plus, it makes the trip seem more real!

the other night austin took a break from doing his homework & came into our bedroom to find me sitting on the bed, clothes folded in stacks around me, with toast, a cup of tea, watching felicity... while i contemplated the serious thought of: "do i take blue & black jeans, or just black? do i need two sweaters, or just one...?" i was instantly embarrassed that he caught me in this state, mostly because i've been on a real felicity binge phase & he keeps making fun of me for it. he also made fun of me for my packing struggles, but before he left the room he said "this is like a cute night for you. watching your show, planning your outfits, having tea.." & ya, it was. i was loving it. the struggle is real guys. one minute i hate packing, the next i'm loving it.

one of my struggles with packing is trying not to over pack. i used to pack in huge rolling bags, filling it to the brim with all my own stuff. now i pack with two other people! my space has gone waaay down, so narrowing down my selections is key when packing... not that i always succeed. however...5 things i (almost) always make sure to pack are:

5 things

1// NAIL POLISH: i'm a freak & can't handle when my fingernails aren't painted & if they are chipped i constantly pick at it (i'm a picker. it's a problem), so i bring nail polish with me to repaint as needed.

2// IPHONE: to take countless pictures & videos on & to read on planes or trains (i really don't like this because i get strangely tired from it.. but it's easy for traveling), plus it's great to use for maps & what not when in a new place.

3// CAMERA: i have a canon rebel & i love it. i take it prettttty much everywhere with us. 

4// TOTE : having a bigger, lightweight tote is a key element for traveling. i can fit so much stuff in this madewell bag: diapers, snacks, toys, camera, sweater, jacket.... it's like a mary popping bag & i take it or a similar bag on just about every trip that i know we will be out & about on. it's important to be able to bring everything with me since i don't know when we'll be back at the hotel & this bag lets me do it! 

5// LAPTOP: when traveling with cedar we normally put him down in his crib & austin & i hangout in the bathroom for about 30 minutes while he goes to sleep (yay parenthood!), so i like to take the time to go through our pictures from the day. plus i need it to blog or for us to watch movies on while cedar is asleep!

so! do you have any specific items you love to travel with & can't go without? what do you make sure to pack? i'd love to hear!


  1. i am SO bad about over packing! i did a ton of research before going overseas on how to pack lightly and to be able to get the most in a tiny bag. it's so hard! i hate not knowing exactly what i'll need or want!

    1. haha it's seriously so hard! i waste so much time trying to decide what to take & then end up not wearing half of it

  2. haha i'm glad you had a cute night! and ugh i got so far into felicity but then they took it off netflix. where are you watching it at?

    1. haha welll i'm a real die-hard felicity fan & i actually own all of the seasons.... & when my mom came to visit us after christmas i had her bring them to me :)