life is good right now.

somedays life is slow, other days it feels like it's racing at me.

my cousin & her family came to visit last week & i wish they were still here. it was so great to see her after being apart for so long & i love watching our littles play with each other. the last few days cedar has woken up asking "where wrenny? where baby scout?" & i think it is adorable. we went to the beach, disneyland & had a girls afternoon. it was perfect.

we have more friends coming to visit this week & i am so very excited for them to be here.

cedar & i are soaking up all our time with austin before he starts work. i think we're both going to be really sad when reality sets in that dad doesn't get to just hangout & play with us all day long.

even though babys due date isn't till the end of february, i keep having thoughts that he is going to come any day & that my water is going to break in a public location & i'll be totally embarrassed. so i'm crossing my fingers crossed that doesn't happen!


  1. ok your beanie in the top left picture! deets plz!! our lives have quieted down MAJORLY as well, and i love how you just soak it all in. i need to take note from you.

  2. aww cedar's little smile in the bottom left picture!! so cute! haha i hope your water doesn't break in a random place either. your due date is coming so fast!!

  3. oh man that baby will be here before you know it! the end is always equally parts so slow and so long!