Have I mentioned how much I love the beach in the winter? Cause if not, I really, really, really love winter beach days. There is just something about the winter sun & the beach, it is the prettiest. Plus,  call me a weirdo but I like when it's not super hot at the beach, where it's just warm enough to wear a swimsuit but have a long sleeve shirt on or sweatshirt, haha. It's still Christmas break here & we are living it up at the beach. A couple families we know all headed up north to Silverstrand beach so we thought we would tag along & it was one of the prettiest days.

My sister in law, Kristen & her kids came to the beach & Russy & Cedar had the best time chasing each other on the beach, playing in the water & digging holes. One of the families we were with brought a beach play pen for the babies to use, but they never had the chance because Russy & Cedar took it over as their fort & literally dumped everything from both of our beach bags in it! It was a mess, but a fun one. I love watching Cedar be able to grow up with his cousins & see them becoming best friends, it's so cute.


  1. the beach is SF is so cold!! (maybe i'm just a wimp?) but i'm with you, i'll still bundle up to watch the sunset and listen to the waves.

    1. maybe i'm crazy but i'd rather be cold at the beach than hot? haha