I have been a fan of essential oils for a couple of years now but I am always learning new ways to use them & about new oils, which is why I am really excited to team up with Lindsey from Young Living Essential Oils. I have found essential oils to be so beneficial in all aspects of life, from cleaning to acne to sickness to sleep & so many others. I swear, there is an oil for just about anything!

When we travel I always make sure to bring a few oils when we travel.  I tend to swap out which oils I take with me depending where we are going, so for out trip to Utah I brought along Thieves spray, Gentle Baby, Lemon, Thieves & Lavender essential oils that I got from Young Living, I also brought a little jar with coconut oil to use to dilute the oils.

Thieves spray // This spray is a total game changer & I really wish I knew about it before! It works as a antibacterial, which is so great for airplanes & your little ones hands touching everything! It's also good to spray in your mouth when you have a sore throat.

Gentle Baby// The last couple of weeks have been the first I have used this oil & it has been amazing. It calms Milo right away, which has been so helpful since he's getting 6 (yes, 6!) teeth right now. It also has helped his diaper rash which comes from his teething. This is also a really great oil for chapped/ dry skin so I have used it a ton on my own skin since being in Utah with all of the dry air.

Lemon// Lemon smells so fresh & happy & it seriously lifts your mood when you smell it. Diffusing Lemon makes your home smell so fresh, I love it. I also like to mix it with my moisturizer when I have a blemish because it is known to help.

Lavender// I love to use a tiny bit of lavender mixed with coconut oil on my kids pressure points before takeoff to help relax them & (hopefully!) help them to sleep on the plane. When we are home I like to diffuse this by our bed for a calmer sleep.

I have loved learning about oils & would love for you to learn with me. Make sure to check out Lindsey's website & contact her if you are interested in learning more, she has helped me so much with oils. Also check out Young Livings online group to help learn more about essential oils & the Young Living started kit that comes with 11 oils + a diffuser (my favorite way to use oils)!

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