a couple of months ago my father-in-law asked the family if anyone would be interested in going to roswell for the annual alien convention. clearly, this was not an opportunity we wanted to miss out on, so we, along with my brother & sister-in-law gave a definite yes.

thursday morning we were on the road by 4 a.m. on our way to roswell. austin drove while cedar & i slept for the first while before stopping to have breakfast in moab. after that, cedar must have watched frozen about 6 times total between naps (it is the only movie he will watch) & austin & i listened to the book you don't know much about history, which was actually really interesting once i started paying attention! after driving for nearly 15 hours, we finally made it. we were all exhausted from the drive, so we grabbed dinner, planned what we were going to do the next day & all went to sleep.

you may be wondering what happens at the alien convention. there are speakers, people will real life experience with actual aliens, people that specialize in abductions, real life abductees, ufo experts, former military & policemen that had experiences with aliens. on top of the speakers there are activities to go to. there was an animal & human alien costume contest, you could make a foil hat, street fair, the ufo museum, a showing of e.t... all sorts of things to choose from. 

the first day we listened to a couple keynote speakers who, for the most part, had pretty interesting stuff to say with really good evidence behind it. i only got to attend two of the speakers because i stayed in the hotel & read while cedar took a nap, but the ones i heard were really interesting to listen to. between speakers & events we stopped for lunch at whattaburger. ever heard of it? i hadn't. but my sister-in-law, kristi who was on the trip is from texas & loves it, so we stopped in to have lunch there before going to listen to a panel that answered any question that you could think of.

after the day of speakers we wandered around the ufo museum looking at all the pictures, models & reading about the famous roswell ufo incident of 1947, other ufo sitings & all things alien. we ended the day by watching fireworks in a park. the fireworks there were insane. they went on for SO long & constantly had a ton of them going off. i have a deep love for fireworks, so i was in complete heaven by this. & they sell really cool fireworks in new mexico, so everyone was shooting off their own big fireworks all around us. i wasn't the only one that loved it either, cedar was so excited by them. i almost thought he was going to fall asleep sitting in the park before they started shooting them off since it was an hour later than he normally is awake, but once they started he could not take his eyes off of them! he jumped, clapped, laughed, & pointed at them the whole time. it was so cute & fun to watch them with him & to see the excitement he had! i had been worried he would be scared of them like a lot of little kids, so i was really happy he was so excited.

the second day was more mellow. instead of going to more speakers we wandered around roswell & up & down the fair. we got some carnival food, made tinfoil hats, austin took cedar on a ride, we saw the costume contest & basically just took it easy before going to hear about an entire families abduction story. that night there was a light parade down mainstreet, so we went to that & called it a night because we were leaving early the next morning. 
our drive home consisted pretty much of the exact same thing as the drive there: more frozen, more you don't know much about history, plus a stop at 4 corners monument. how could we pass that up? 

all in all, the trip was a success & very entertaining. never did i think i would go to an alien convention, but i'm pretty glad i did. if you have ever been to one before, you probably know what i'm talking about. austin & i are half tempted to go to the alien convention that happens in oregon now. the stories you hear are great. & it really does make you wonder about the existence of aliens, & what we don't know about them.


  1. OH MY GOSH THIS IS LITERALLY MY FAVORITE THING. When is the convention? I need to go next year. that I love Aliens license plate or whatever it is, is seriously so awesome!

    the little diary

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  3. Way to them for making that possible! They are counseled to all. Georgia treatment center