Downton Sixbey

so, last week i got real into downton abbey. 
i had never watched it before, but my mom had season 1 
so i decided to see what the hype had been all about.
needless to say, i fell in love & was slightly obsessed with it. 
(i watched the first 5 episodes in one night)
& finished both seasons within one week... obsessed.
so the other day my mom called me in to watch downton sixbey, jimmy fallons
spoof on downton abbey. it's pretty funny, if any of you watch downton abbey, 
you'll probably find it as hilarious as my mom & i did.
& if you don't watch it yet, you should. 


  1. episode 2 is just as good!!!! Im glad I have seen both and know whats going on.

  2. love downtown abbey. can't wait for next season. have a fabulous wedding day. maybe whit will have her baby on you big day!!!